Yoga is a fantastic discipline that helps you to achieve better posture, inner calm and excellent control of your body. Not just that, there are also yoga exercises for weight loss. There are quite a number of exercises that are able to achieve that, as we will review. What is most important to remember is that if you want to achieve sustained weight loss, you will need to live a healthy lifestyle.

This means eating a healthy diet, including five different portions of fruits and vegetables every day, and engaging in regular exercise. It is also very important that you have variety in both your diet and exercise regime.

This is why we will discuss two different yoga exercises for weight loss, so you will be able to mix and match them. This will allow you to gain overall better health in your mind, body and spirit, as well as helping you towards sustainable weight loss.

Do make sure that before you start, you learn some of the basic principles of yoga, and that you have a yoga mat of course. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, to ensure you are able to engage in the full range of motions without being hampered by fabrics. Other than that, the yoga exercises for weight loss listed below can easily be performed at home in your own time.

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Kundalini Yoga Single Leg Rotation Chakra Padasana

Start by lying flat on your back, and then raise your right leg up to make a 45-degree angle. Make sure you point your toes and feet away from you. Then beginning the Breath Of Fire (which is a yoga breathing exercise) while rotating your leg clockwise in a very large circle. Keep your leg straight and make sure the circle is as big as possible without ever touching the floor.

You should do between two and ten rotations in one direction (the amount depends on your own abilities) and then rotate counter clockwise, without having a rest. Then repeat with the left leg. Once you have achieved top ability in this exercise, you should try to keep it up to one minute per leg. This one of the best yoga exercises for weight loss, as it helps to tone and strengthen the muscles in your abdominal area. It also helps you increase strength of character and willpower and allows your hips to be loosened and opened up.

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Kundalini Yoga Cobra Pose

For this exercise, you should start by lying on your stomach with your feet extended. Then put your hands to the side of your shoulders and raise the top of your body and your torso up. Make sure your upper thighs do not leave the floor. The back should be arching up. Then turn your head to make sure you are looking upwards while your neck gets stretched. The Breath of Fire and Long Deep Breathing are both excellent for this pose.

You should hold this position for 15 seconds before taking a quick rest and repeat this for seven minutes. This is by far the best of the yoga exercises for weight loss because it has such tremendous benefits. Firstly, it increases the health of your spine and back. It tones all of your back muscles, as well as the tissue that is related to the vertebrae. Also, it provides a gentle massage to all of your digestive organs.

Hence, this pose improves digestion, which is essential for weight loss. It balances the manipura chakra (on the navel) and the swadhisthan chakra (on the sexual organs). All of the nerve junctions on the spine are also targeted, including the psychic channels that are found in the spinal cord. It improves the functions of the reproductive organs in both men and women, as well as the thyroid glands found along the vishuddhi chakra (on the throat). The anahata chakra (heart) is opened, which allows a softer character to be developed. Furthermore, it tones the optical nerve, thereby improving vision. Next, it builds strength in the upper body, mainly the shoulders, the chest muscles and the triceps.

If you want to use yoga exercises for weight loss, these are but a few of the exercises that are available. You may want to consider taking part in a few yoga classes to truly learn the positions of the different yoga exercises for weight loss, as well as learning a wider range. Yoga is a fantastic art form and the exercises and forms that it teaches target a range of different things, not just weight loss.

Yoga is certainly a fascinating way to lose weight so lets take a look at how it works and what you can do to use it to your advantage.

Yoga Helps You Get in Tune with Your Body

Most people are familiar with the idea of meditation being about tuning into yourself. It is typically performed in certain prescribed poses and breathing is utilized as a way to focus the mind and energy in order to achieve a state of relaxed, restful peace.

The idea of focusing on breathing, sometimes also chanting a mantra silently, is the idea of focusing a person on what they are doing and being aware of their inner self. While this is often done with the goal of a person acting more harmoniously in a social sense, as well as towards themselves, with yoga for weight loss the effect is on the body.

Those who practice yoga can tell you that it helps them pay closer attention to what they are thinking and feeling, as well as what their body is going through. People who meditate simply focus more of their attention on each thing they do and this means they do not tend to snack without thinking. This extra focus and vigilance definitely helps someone trying to watch the amount they eat and also the quality of the food and drink they consume.

Yoga for Weight Loss is a Low Impact Exercise

For some people, yoga can be a very liberating experience because it does not take a lot of strength to pursue. This is why the elderly and children are often encouraged to try yoga. In the case of doing yoga for weight loss, what we know is that this does burn calories.

While it does not burn as many calories as other forms of exercise, it is still definitely a work out in its own right and that can contribute to shedding pounds, especially over a long period of time. Any doctor can tell you that some exercise is a lot better than no exercise at all and for those who do yoga, it might be the only type of exercise they are able to do.

How Often Should You Do Yoga for Weight Loss?

There are varying schools of thought on how often a person should do yoga. Benefits have been shown for those that do at least 30 minutes of standard yoga per week. While it is certainly possible to do it a lot more often than this, this can be a good starting point. The point is to keep up with it and do not skip your sessions unless you absolutely must do so due to illness or some other unavoidable obstacle.

Yoga benefits really show up for those who have been doing this for a long time and that should be your goal from the outset. The body and mind do tend to change for those who do yoga for a long time and this can often lead to a more peaceful existence that is going to help you avoid the effects of stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of overeating so yoga for weight loss makes sense in this regard, as well. If you make your sessions as frequent as you can, research shows that you will reap the biggest rewards.

Considering Power Yoga for Weight Loss Results

Yoga comes from countries in the East where it has been practiced for thousands of years, but once it hit the shores of the United States, changes did begin to happen. Many people who practice yoga for weight loss are practicing an Americanized form that is known loosely as power yoga.

This is a form of yoga that is designed to be more aerobic and that means you move around quite a bit more than you would in traditional yoga. For some people, this can be appealing and it certainly does use breathing techniques as a way to burn a lot more calories. While it might not be the right choice for everyone, those who prefer this style say that it is what helps them lose the pounds they do not want and keep them off. If you are not familiar with this approach to yoga, learning about it is as easy as going online and doing a little bit of research.

A Total Lifestyle Change Makes Yoga for Weight Loss Most Effective

The main thing that you should keep in mind if you want yoga to be your path to losing weight is that this is works best as a long term strategy. Research shows that those who practice for 4 or more years reap the biggest benefits because they have made this into a lifestyle activity.

That is where the biggest results kick in for both the mind and body. Practitioners of yoga are able to flee stress much more easily and typically have highly oxygenated bodies that can help them efficiently burn calories and keep their metabolisms running at a high and steady rate. The real changes here do take some time, but they are worth it for those who have decided that this is the way they want to go. The nice part is, in most communities there are centers where you can learn yoga for a very low cost.

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