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Thank you for taking the interest to write for us on the Correct Weight Loss Blog.

Leanreads.com is accepting paid posts&link. We are looking for quality and fresh content that would benefit our readers. The post must be useful to the readers of this blog. Scientific based articles are very much preferred. So we are excited that you are interested in writing for us!

We also take great pains to ensure that all our guest posts rank highly in search engine. So it is better to share the post with your link to all your social circles. When your article ranks high in search engines, its win-win for you as well as us.

Write for Us – The Process

If you would like to submit a guest post to this blog, follow the instructions below for consideration.  Only guest posts that meet these criteria will be considered for publishing.

1.Contact us through the email: flykiki852@gmail.com

2.The topic should be about weight loss, vegetarian meal, fitness, healthy weight loss foods, weight loss plan and so on related.

3.The post should be a minimum of 800 words. 1200 words and above is preferred.Please do not submit “5 general tips to lose weight” kind of articles, Internet is already stuffed with those.

4.Once you have written the article and submitted it for review, it will be reviewed by LR team members and you will be emailed if it is approved.

5.You are allowed to included a link to your site,but must be related to the content. As an example, the article is about healthy weight loss but there is a link to a diet pill product. Any links to unrelated products or products not related to healthy weight loss will not be accepted.

6.Once approved, it will be edited for formatting and you will be notified the day before it is set to publish to view the final results.

Right to Modify

We reserve the right to make changes to your post. We would normally do this to improve the quality of the post or to make adjustments for better search engine visibility.

Ready to get started?

Please feel free to send us an email . Let us know your idea(s), tell us a little about yourself and how to contact you.

-LR Team Of Leanreads