Have you gone on diet before? Did you experience rebound weight gain after the diet? Do you have a slow metabolism (Are you heavier than you should be for the amount food you eat)? Do you find it more difficult to lose weight compared to most men that you know?Keep on reading our tips how to deal with these problems.

Weight loss tips for women have to be realistic and should be achievable. The best weight loss tips must be factored in around their lifestyle, attitudes, the kind of friends they have, their emotional quotient, and their willingness to accept that change is needed to lose weight. If a woman follows a lifestyle that has her eating out every second day whether it is for business meetings or partying for fun, it can be difficult to eat healthy.

The kind of friends that a woman has makes a big difference to her eating preferences. If friends hang out eating chips and drinking colas she is also bound to do the same unless she has the will power of a saint. What is the attitude of a woman towards food? Does she buy healthy at the supermarket? Does she eat when she is hungry or is she reaching out for top comfort foods after having an argument with her partner? Do her parents make her feel inadequate by constantly criticizing her in front of her friends?

It must be understood that weight loss is not about losing weight. It is about clearing up a lot of other issues in our lives that are leading up to eating more, eating wrong and eating when we are not hungry. Here are some weight loss tips for women that should be incorporated into your life.

Get rid of the emotional clutter

This is easier said than done. A lot of women are not aware that the inability to intelligently handle emotional issues can lead to weight gain. If you are overweight examine what makes you react vehemently. Do you cry at the slightest provocation? Do you feel overwhelmed with sadness at the way things are in your life? Do you hate your spouse and kids because you are all the time having to please them? All these things going on in your life can make you reach out for the wrong foods to make you feel better.

Medical reasons like low serotonin levels may make you feel emotionally wrung out and might need medication. But even serotonin levels and other mood regulator hormones in the body can and do improve with yoga with its breathing techniques. The latter is one of the best weight loss tips ever.

Get rid of the external stress

Stress that a woman cannot control can lead her to eating more. Being in an abusive relationship can manifest as psychosomatic problems like weight gain. Workplace stressors like competitive colleagues or an overbearing boss can mess with a healthy calorie diet. Fear, anger, resentment, depression can affect eating habits and make a woman reach out for the top comfort foods like cupcakes, cookies and chocolates.

In such cases the weight loss tips for women would be to opt out of abusive situations. If this is not possible then counseling for marital problems should be examined. Again, yoga and meditation will help handle stress at the workplace and in daily living.

Get rid of the faulty diet

Follow the USDA dietary guidelines for your height, age and activity levels. If the balance of carbs, proteins and fats that your body needs gets upset then you are in trouble. If the diet cannot be followed because of a party which has only calorie dense food, then follow one of the best weight loss tips by exercising diet portion control the next day. This evidently means that you cannot eat high fat foods and excess carbohydrates every day.

Do not buy the wrong kind of foods when you go shopping. If you do not stock these at home everyone will automatically start eating a healthy calorie diet. They will reach out for salads, fruits, and smoothies when they are hungry in between meals. Even parties at home can avoid fried dishes being served. There are delicious recipes freely available online which are low fat and healthy. Serve more of baked dishes which can be flavored with herbs and spices rather than cheese.

Get rid of inactivity move more whenever wherever

A healthy diet without exercise will not show the desired results.(Here we recommend vegetarian meals with less exercises). One of the best weight loss tips is to combine healthy eating with activity of any kind. Get into a weight loss workout routine for women and if this is not possible then incorporate activity in everyday life by taking the stairs, walking as much as possible, dancing while listening to music, or wherever some sort of movement can be added. Sedentary lifestyles have led to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular ailments which get aggravated with being obese.

Good health habits have to become a way of life and cannot be changed overnight. Learn to deal with stress and emotional issues and eat right avoiding foods that are calorie dense. Then these weight loss tips for women will start showing results.

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