Weight Loss Motivation – How Do We Keep it Going


A lot of people today are finding that they are overweight or even obese and they want to do something about it. What can be hard is finding motivation to lose weight because even when we know all of the right things to do, getting our minds to agree with us is a lot more difficult.

After all, think of the billions of dollars each year that the food industry spends to market messages about their products and how you ought to consume them all regularly. As you can see, the social effects of commerce are often not so great and the motivation to lose weight might be something you struggle to find.

So let’s look at some ways you can get yourself into the state of mind that will help you cut pounds and develop the trimmer figure you would like to be seen sporting.

Consider Your Health Now and in the Future

Extra fat on your body has a lot of negative side effects and often that is because diets high in fat are also high in sugar that wrecks our teeth, cholesterol that blocks our arteries and salt that increases our odds of hypertension. Everything is connected, so when you need motivation to lose weight remember that by changing your diet and habits you are altering a lot more than just pounds.

This could be you,in a few of weeks

This is why a healthy lifestyle is different than merely going on a diet. We have to change the way we live if we want the full benefits from losing weight. Side effects to more weight on your body also include damage to the body from having to do so extra work to carry those pounds of fat.

Remember, too, part of your motivation to lose weight should be not just how it will affect you now, but how your future health will be. None of us is going to grow younger instead of older and habits only get more difficult to change so start now so you can have healthier years to come.

Get Help From Friends and Family

Not all families are going to be good at offering motivation to lose weight, but those that are should be turned to. The same goes for your friends. Talking about dieting or needing to lose weight is not the same as turning to your friends and family in a serious way because you are experiencing a real problem that can have dire consequences on your life.

You might just find that someone you know has struggled with obesity before you met them and that they have tips that can help you out. Being overweight is often humiliating and can be a struggle to discuss, but the more help you get the more motivation to lose weight you are going to have.

Asking people to help hold you accountable for the goals you set is also a good idea so long as you agree not to criticize them for actually bringing the issue up if they see you struggling. You never know, you might find that someone can share recipes with you or even offer to exercise with you. All of these things can be powerful in helping you cut the pounds down.

Take Inspiration From TV and Books

With so many health conscious people out there now, a lot of shows do talk about losing weight. If you need motivation to lose weight why not turn on the TV and see how others are succeeding? Many of today’s hottest fitness experts once struggled with a lot of unwanted weight. They regularly share inspiring stories that can give you the motivation to lose weight when you see how well things turned out for them.

Remember too that books that talk about people’s struggles with weight and the different ways they have fought to win back their bodies are plentiful. In addition, consider how good your favorite celebrities such as actors, musicians or athletes look on the screen. Anyone can shape their body better and being more like your idol could be a source of motivation.

Think of the Social Implications of Being Thinner

One of the toughest things for people with extra weight to get past is the way that others respond to them due to the extra fat they carry. Human cruelty can hurt deeply, especially little remarks or facial expressions. Then there are the outright rude people that throw insults.

You can consider this motivation to lose weight, too, because it should be. Not because these people are forcing you to change, but because they do not see who you really are and do not believe you can succeed. You owe it to yourself to succeed past what they believed was possible for you.

Imagine how good you will feel when you walk past people like this as a shapelier version of yourself wearing what you want to wear. They may never notice, but you will know that you proved them wrong and that can be motivation to lose weight if you use it correctly. You deserve the better social standing that comes with being a thinner person. Since anyone really can do it if one applies one’s mind and emotions to the task, it makes sense to go for it.

Find Motivation Online to Help You

A weight loss reason so strong that it can stop the food and close the mouth.Today, a lot of people find big support and motivation online.

Steps to Lose Weight Write your weight loss reasons down -or print off the list below and put it in the kitchen. Read it every day. Retrain your brain with your great reason to lose weight. If you do, then every time you reach for food, your valid weight loss reason will come to mind and the food will leave your hand. Don’t let anyone tell you that your reasons to lose weight are invalid or stupid. They are your reasons, not someone else’s reasons. Keep focused on your weight loss goal.

Aren’t you tired of losing weight, gaining weight only to lose weight AGAIN!! Aren’t you ready to lose the weight permanently so you will never have to diet again?

Maybe by looking below, you will find a reason that motivates you. Here are 5
0 top reasons to lose weight – Is one of them your weight loss cry?

  1. Lose weight to feel healthier.
  2. So I can feel a sense of pride in myself.
  3. Lose weight to lower my blood pressure.
  4. Lose weight to have those ever so sexy, appealing muscles.
  5. Lose weight to decrease my back pain.
  6. So my knees will quit hurting
  7. I can run, jump so all the things I used to do before the weight.
  8. Lose weight so that tight dress will look stunning.
  9. Lose weigh to turn heads for that second look instead of getting the “What were you thinking look” .
  10. I can go into a restraint and eat without the “looks” from others that scream -” if I was a fat as you, I would not be eating”
  11. Summer shorts will not look like they have been stretched beyond their limit.
  12. I can actually take off the swimsuit cover -( Actually shopping for a swimsuit would be more appealing if I lost weight) .
  13. I can get on the doctor’s scale without the nurse saying “umm”
  14. I can play with my grandchildren.
  15. I can find a bra that actually fits. because my shoulders are aching, I am spilling out of the bra I have and I hate the dents in the top of your shoulders!
  16. My ankles and my hips will be different sizes.
  17. I won’t feel like the Jolly Green Giant while clothes shopping.
  18. I can have other choices than Plus sizes.
  19. I can order cute clothes from a catalog.
  20. I can stand in front of a mirror and like what I see.
  21. My pants won’t wear out where my thighs rub together.
  22. I don;t ever have to feel the jiggle waltz while I walk.
  23. I can get on any piece of equipment or get into any elevator without any worries.
  24. Lose weight so I can play with my dog.
  25. I can go to the gym without people starring at me.
  26. Lose weight to look great in cute, sexy, naughty underwear. Well, cute and sexy would be enough!
  27. I can comfortably drive my car.
  28. I can buy a cute pair of tight jeans (Buying jeans without elastic would be a step up)
  29. I can actually walk up a set of stairs (Don’t you hate to stop mid-way just to catch your breath?)
  30. I can go on the rides at the local fair (Yes there is a weight limit on those!)
  31. I won’t dread getting up in the morning to get dressed.
  32. I can actually cross my legs (I realize that it is not healthy, but please give me the option)
  33. I won’t dread family photos.
  34. I don’t get those embarrassing indents where the chair armrests have dug into my thighs.
  35. I can wear heels again – with confidence and without the pain.
  36. When I am on the floors hunting for the closest plug I don’t have the dreaded fear of someone standing around watching to see if I can get back up
  37. Lose weight so the gowns at the doctor’s office won’t look like I just put on an apron.
  38. I am showing off my gorgeous legs instead of thunder thighs.
  39. I can put on a dress or pants instead of a mumu.
  40. I can actually lay in bed and see my toes without raising my head.
  41. I don’t think mean, envious thought about every thin woman I see.
  42. I don’t have to hide under all the bulky clothing – sweaters, jogging suits, or other lose clothing.
  43. No one asks me when my baby’s due.
  44. No one can ever refer to me as the beached whale.
  45. Lose weight so even a regular towel fits all the way around me.
  46. I can go to the movie theater without worrying about the spillage around the chair.
  47. I can hug my knees again – comfortably.
  48. I won’t ever have to think about hip or knee replacements.
  49. I can once again tie my shoes in comfort.
  50. Lose weight to add years to my life – I need to hold those grand-babies.

These were the top fifty reasons that came in with the survey. If you have other compelling reasons please contact me by email. I can then add your compelling reason – who knows, it could help someone else lose their weight and keep it off.


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