Hey, Shirley here. I am not a web designer, nor a graphic designer, just an ordinary blogger. There is neither pretty design,nor very beautiful picture,only live stories & real weight loss before and after photos of 159 vegetarian meal shared with you:

I am sharing 159, not for anything else,
Only for respect for life,
For love and responsibility of family .
If one day,
I share with you to eat 159,
Not for anything else, only for you having a good body;
If one day,
I suggest you or your family to start eating 159,
Not for any other reason, only for healthy living,
To give the family and the child a glorious future;
If one day,
I suggest you introducing your friends to start eating 159,
Not for anything else
Only for you and friends in the sunset with worry-free smile;
Please treat yourself carefully,life is only once.
Ahead of respecting your health! Make life more exciting!

1. “Ala Wenya” said: It was so ugly before and I don’t know where can I get the courage to go out. I have to admire myself, really. Thanks for 159, it made me so young and beautiful again.

I want to say: Does 159 vegetarian meal make her a goddess?


Before and After

2.  “I am a house wife & mom , after the baby born, I gained much weight. My friend recommends me to eat 159, through three months of detoxification I lost 26 pounds. So I regain beauty and confidence. So I am willing to speak for 159”.

I want to say: If you follow 159 diet carefully, you can also become charming and beautiful like her.


3. All of This whole family eat 159 Vegetarian Meals, losing weight 120 pounds in total, saying goodbye for obesity, being thin is a fact, more importantly, all of them become more healthy.

I want to say: 159 Vegetarian Foods- Effective weight loss & Powerful for Health!!


10 years old boy before and after

4.This is a 10-year-old boy who ate 159 meal in the morning and evening for 2 meals each day, for more than a month, he cut off about 20 pounds weight, he is no longer afraid of others to take a nickname for him…?

I want to say:159 is much healthy, each children can eat for growing better.


5.This is a middle-age man who is 52 years old, he was suffering high blood sugar and
hypertension for many years. After eating 159 meal replacement for about 3 months, he not only shed up belly fat ,but also drop high blood pressure down, does he seem more healthy?

I want to say:If you are suffering obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and other diseases, I suggest you having a try for 159 meals plan.


6.This is Mr. Cheng who is from Shanghai. “159 made me lose 52 pounds. What’s more, the fatty liver disappeared,I am full of spirit , thanks to 159 which gets me reborn, now my whole family is eating 159 every day”.

I want to say:If you love your family,share 159 with them just for a healthy living.


7. A Foreign friend Alex eats 159, 7 days lose 16 pounds, the weight is 216 pounds before eating 159, this is a 7-day weight loss journey :

First day Second day Third day Fourth day Fifth day   Sixth day Seventh day
216 pounds 212 pounds 208 pounds 206 pounds 202 pounds 201.5 pounds 200 pounds

I want to say:
there are much toxins and fat accumulated in our body, the earlier you eat 159, the early health you will get.


8. Some people will say that 159 is so good, why do you go to the hospital?? Doctors are eating 159, because they understand a truth: 159 is to prevent illness, the hospital is to prevent you from going to paradise, the two different concepts!

I want to say: The doctors start to eat 159,What are you still hesitating?










9. This is a boss of cosmetics store,she is 75 Kg  before eating 159 meal plan, after several months meal replacement, she successfully lost 17 Kg, this is the short video from her share. 

I want to say: more and more people start to eat 159 for a healthy life, where are you?

10.Too many many cases, too many beneficiaries!

2017, 50 million people
2018 , 130 million people
2019, 300 million people
600 million people in 2020

I want to say: One product, You can cheat a person, but you can not deceive a group of people.

This is the motivation of my daily efforts,  if you need more information or want to be a distributor, please contact us.

Finally, I would like to add one more warning:

Weight loss = saving your life, please take your body seriously .. keep away from obesity.

You can know about 159 here: 159meal.com

This is a unique opportunity to see the effects of obesity to our body under the knife.

Share it for educational and awareness of obesity and the health risks that is associated with this disease. You may not save their lives but you may change their outlook hopefully leading to a changed lifestyle.


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