Did you know that some of the big pharmaceutical companies and big supplement companies are deliberately trying to keep you fat, so that you will go out and buy their diet pills or fat burning supplements, and they can make huge billion dollar profits every year?And now I have to warn you straight away. This article is about to expose the weight loss scam for what it really is. If you don’t want to hear this, please leave now. If, however, you want to know how you are being scammed by the weight loss industry, please read on.

For as long as people have felt overweight, they have been looking for ways to shed those extra pounds. Today, weight loss is one of the biggest and most competitive industries in the world. There are literally THOUSANDS of weight loss companies, supplement manufactures and retailers, and self proclaimed gurus fighting for your hard earned dollar. They promise that their program/product/service will “melt away the fat”, “shed inches” off your waist, flatten your belly, etc.

Let’s look at the history of weight loss claims and compare it to today. In 1820, Lord Byron started a weight loss craze that involved dousing your food with vinegar to lose weight. In 1925, lucky Strike Cigarettes convinced people to grab a cigarette instead of a snack. In 1964, Robert Cameron invented a diet that involved eating a steak and washing it down with a martini. This combination was supposed cause you to lose weight.

There are many more examples, of course, but I think you get my point. Today, any rational human being would look at these claims and dismiss them as hogwash. Not only won’t those diets help us to lose weight, but they are unhealthy. Why, then, do we persist in believing similar claims today?

I am just a simple plumber. How about the benefits of acai juice? I am no genius, but does it take a genius to figure out that acai berries are not nature’s new miracle? They are a simple berry – no more or less beneficial to your body than any other berry. In fact, if we want to use a berry to “flush” anything away or for antioxidants, we should eat cranberries. They are actually better for you than acai. Wait; there actually might be a cranberry diet…

Today, miracle supplements and fad diets are more prevalent than ever. There are colon cleansing diets, fat burning pills, metabolism treatments, acupuncture for weight loss… the list never ends. One thing is for sure though – 99% of them do NOT work! Some of them do work for a short time, but unless they offer you a way to TOTALLY change your LIFESTYLE in regards to what you eat, how much and when, you will gain that weight right back, and probably more.

Here’s the real kicker: Most of these weight loss programs are unsafe. There are so many ways that taking weight loss supplements and following the wrong kind of plan can mess your whole body up. I am not just talking about general bad health or not feeling well, but real bad stuff like: heart attack, stroke, severe dehydration, the inability to defecate, seizures, etc.

One final point: Did you know that weight loss products are not regulated by the FDA? As a matter of fact, they all have verbiage on the bottles that state that they are not intended to solve any problems or cure any diseases. So let me get this straight: you mean there is no government agency that guarantees that the pill contains what it says it’s suppose to AND that this pill that you market as a product to help me lose weight is not really intended to help me lose weight? How can that be a good thing?

Look, my intention here is not to tell you that you should not try to lose weight, if that is what you want to do. Believe me, I know how you feel. I just want to open your eyes to all of the ways that you can be caught up in the whole weight loss scam, so that you will go forward with open eyes and make an intelligent plan for your weight loss goals. I will have more for you on that in the next article.

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