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Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing nothing but fat? Think about it. Who wants to be fat right? This is especially true if you are a woman.

You take pride in how your body looks, and feel betrayed when you look at yourself and all you see is an obese or overweight body.

That is not what you want for your life! You want a body to be proud of.

Unfortunately, obesity is a pandemic in this country and it is only getting worse by the year.

Why is this happening?

The problem lies in several areas. One big area is the advertising industry. Every time you turn on the TV all you see are ads for food products.

In fact, obesity has really become a serious issue worldwide. The heath condition of the majority of people in developed nations has deteriorated to such an extent that it has literally become a crisis.

According to experts, about 70% of the adult population living in the U.S is overweight. This means if you are thin and healthy or make up the minority.

Another reason for obesity is that people watch fast food commercials on TV that highlight McDonald’s or Burger King.

When people like you see these ads, you think how quickly you can get that food, so you don’t have to cook. So you go out and buy the stuff, only to realize later it caused you to gain weight.

The food industry wants you to do this so you can get fat. Then you will go out and spend more money on diet pills. This way you can get skinny and then start all over by going back to the fast food joints to get fat again. It is a catch-22 scenario. It is a vicious cycle.

Another reason we are getting fat, is because most of us live sedentary lives. Kids are not spending their time running around and playing games outside. Instead, they jump on their video games or spend time surfing the Internet and chatting with friends or others.

The biggest reason for obesity is because of the foods eaten. Everything that is bought from the store is processed.

When you think about it, you may be one of those who see yourself as fat and maybe unattractive. If you do, I have news for you. You are not alone….

Those who are fighting to lose weight just as you are. Those folks are using every fad diet known to men. All with the intentions of losing the unwanted fat they have accumulated.

They all do go through different rituals, thinking that doing so will help bring the weight off, only to be disappointed.

Some people even go through rigorous exercising, thinking the weight will come off, only to find when it does, the weight goes back on.

There are those who simply give up, thinking they will never lose the weight, no matter what method they try. Maybe this is your thinking as well.

Just sitting in the chair and wishing for your body to get healthy won’t cut it. You need to do more. You need to take action.

Today,I would like to share an innovative program that is designed solely for women,Venus Factor. Before going through all the details , let me give you a brief summary as to what all can you expect from this program and if this is worth your money:

  1. Venus Factor is a body shaping program not a diet program, the duration of this program is only 12 weeks.
  2. It has been designed by John Barban, he is a nutritionist and fitness coach for 12 years and has trained many Hollywood celebs like Britney spears, lolo, opera, etc
  3. Program can be tailored to every individual’s physique and eating habits, you don’t have to go on diet.
  4. It consists of an eBook manual, video series, highly active forum, iPhone – Android apps and Venus Factor Nutrition software.

In Depth Review – Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is basically a weight loss program ,unlike other programs, it is designed particularly for ladies. Furthermore, it is dependent on scientific details using the commitment of helping these to achieve their set goals when other programs fail.

To tell the fact, this lifestyle and diet change is perfect for individuals girls that convey more than 10 pounds to reduce. It’s supported by research to focus on body fat reduction in line with the way a female’s body works. More precisely, it’s a program that’s designed to assist them to get skinny and sexy permanently.

The Guy Behind The Venus Factor – John Barban

John Barban

The guy behind this really is known as John Barban. He’s a properly-known and popular fitness professional (world-class expert in diet, biology and physiology). Previously, the majority of the work he’s concentrated on has already established related to males and the primary goal is to help males achieve what he describes because the “perfect ratio”.

Nonetheless, recently, this expert put his professionalism and concentrated with the female body and what one can do to help ladies lose several pounds and maintain it, and, therefore, this unique product was created.

What’s This Venus Factor About?

So you’ve now learned whose face is behind the Venus Factor, and you most likely need to know some thing concerning the product itself. Well, it’s a revolutionary program. It had been discovered by John as they started focusing on a lady nutritional supplement.

Inside, you’ll have the ability to return to fundamentals of losing pounds and that he will remove all the untrue stories that’s been launched through the years about it. However, before I’ll continue explanations why this works for you personally, here are the primary details relating to this product:

New Lifestyle – This can be a dieting and workout plan totally devoted to women that’s really existence altering.

Just 3 Several weeks – It’ll continue for only 12-days throughout which you’ll be used from chubby into a fit.

Sexy & Powerful Figure – It had been designed and to help ladies being better developed, fitter, and more powerful related to what they have you had before. You won’t just slim down. However, your general figure can change drastically.

Unique Approach – It considers the feminine perspective, also it knows that the metabolic constitute differs from what males.

Specific – Probably the very best factor about this is that’s allows you to shed definite weight in usual issue zones, what are waist, belly, upper thighs, and sides. There’s nothing better for a girl than losing fat or being capable to shape them simultaneously.

Please Work Hard At It: It’s not the newest fitness fads that may help you start losing pounds in extreme way that’s not workable in the long-term perspective. You shouldn’t finish up wearing much more weight in just a couple of several weeks once you have completed it!

What to avoid in a Venus Factor program

No Extra Stuff – You does not need to have any special exercise equipment. Every being active is established to ensure that it may be completed during a workout session or possibly in enhanced comfort of your home.

No Never-Ending Exercises – It doesn’t need you to spent hrs of utmost sweating during a workout session on endless machines like the treadmill.

No Specific Food – No requirement for too specific diets or prepackaged meals.

So How Exactly Does Venus Factor Work With Women?

The issue on everyone’s minds is whether or not it helps or perhaps is it simply another? There’s been lots of hypes all around the diet and also the overall workout. Nevertheless, it appears to become a very solid and truly examined program.

Strategies Of Venus Factor

The writer particularly designed this to focus on women only and that he will plain turn males from it. It had been he who learned that a woman’s greatest problem, if this found losing pounds, was the amount of leptin in her system.

How Venus Factor is linked to the female body:

Enhanced Metabolic process – Leptin accelerates your metabolic process and can provide your organism signals it must begin the entire process of burning body fat (‘abnormal’ amounts of the hormone will frequently result in slow metabolic process!).

Female Resistance – Sadly, unhealthy news discloses that the women is three occasions less attentive to this substance than the usual males system. This implies that despite the fact that they’ve got more of the hormone, it’s not responsive within their organism as it ought to be (this turns up inside a female’s figure through the form of undesirable fat that builds up within the regions of the belly, sides, and bottom).

Fast Decrease – Furthermore, other not so good news is the fact that whenever you diet, its levels will often decrease two times as quickly compared to a guy. That’s why ladies will often gain more weight despite their continued fasting.


  • Created specifically for women
  • Easily customizable
  • Comprehensive workout routines
  • Unique approach to diet
  • Comprehensive money back guarantee
  • Venus Immersion community


  • If you are looking for losing few pounds this is not the right program because this is total body transformation program.
  • This program is not suitable for women that have bone problems.
  • Needs internet connection to download because this program comes in digital format.
  • Designed especially for women, if you are men then it is useless to try.

Why I Personally Like the Venus Factor

Is it also possible to “like” a diet system? Well, there are certainly a large amount of points that I would like to discuss with you:

  • It’s predicated on real body research as opposed to the common “eat less, workout more” approach and it’s explained in a way that we all can easily understand.
  • Diets are likely to make you eager right? Not that one! This eating program doesn’t end up in cravings for food and really offers you more electricity while selling fat loss.
  • I love the thought of going on an eating plan once as soon as only. I can’t encounter another recovery and this complete program is targeted on the lifestyle change – something lasting and lasting.
  • The testimonies are reasonable. No unrealistic supermodel “after” images. Only true females with credible great effects.
  • They certainly have faith in their plan simply because they give you a 60-day cash back guarantee. Unhappy after 60-days only send a contact and claim your return. From your effects I’ve seen I’m guessing you’ll be another happy customer submitting your review though.
  • Whenever you have a easy approach to diet I suppose it really may boil down to “eat less and exercise more” but frequently this ends up in some learning from your errors approaches before you find a thing that works. It’s possible to depend on your will power along with a DIY approach however the outcomes may be gradual incoming if at all.


To summarize, the Venus Factor will highlight the best way to take control of your leptin levels to be able to allow it to burn up your persistent body fat for good.

No one is going to change your body for you! What are you waiting for?! Click the link below to visit the official website.Get it now, THAT’S RIGHT… ONLY $47

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The Venus Factor
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