Sugar detox diet Carb including sugar addictions are becoming more and more common because of the numerous processed foods incorporated in the traditional Western diet. Researchers have found out that more than 70 types of health problems are linked to excessive sugar consumption. The typical American consumes 130 pounds of sugar per year, which will contribute to 3,550 pounds in a person’s lifetime!

Needless to say, getting rid of sugar is incredibly challenging because of its addictive nature. Excessive sugar consumption is linked to cravings, mood changes and even depression in the absence of sweet treats.

Are you concerned about your health? Want to make healthier nutritional choices? If so, a sugar detox diet plan will be ideal for you. The following guide will acquaint you with the best strategies for controlling sugar consumption or eliminating sugar from your diet altogether.

Sugar Addiction and Why Dangerous?

Many people overeat on sugary foods. As time passes, this unhealthy consumption contributes to a sugar addiction. Some of the signs you could be addicted to sugar include strong cravings for sweet treats, overeating on a regular basis, turning to food as a source of comfort and feeling bad if you don’t consume such foods.

Sugars are a fuel for the body and they also impact the functioning of the brain. The brain starts perceiving sweets as a “reward.” This is one of the main reasons why you start consuming more and more food. The over-stimulation of the brain’s reward receptors will contribute to this constantly growing desire.

The results of one intriguing study were published in the Journal Archives of General Psychology. The brains of people addicted to sugar release more dopamine than those of individuals that don’t have such a dependence. Dopamine is often called the hormone of happiness because of the “feel good” sensation it produces. A very similar response is observed in the brains of people that are addicted to drugs.

Do You Need to Go on a Sugar Detox Diet?

You can determine whether you need sugar detox diet in several simple ways. Such a diet will be the right option if you:

  1. Consume certain foods, even if you aren’t hungry because such foods make you feel good
  2. Find it incredibly difficult, even impossible to cut down on sugary foods
  3. You experience health problems or you can’t maintain a healthy weight
  4. You feel sluggish and unhappy whenever you aren’t consuming sugary foods
  5. You reward yourself with sweet foods
  6. There’s at least one stash of sweet temptations and junk foods in your home
  7. You experience energy level inconsistencies throughout the day
  8. You suffer from frequent fungal infections

All of these are caused by the excessive consumption of sugar. If you are addicted in any way to food, or your relationship to food is interfering with your quality of life or food is doing anything other than helping you to thrive and feel amazing, then you need this detox.

If you have diabesity—the continuum of metabolic damage ranging from a little belly fat to pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes—or if you have Feel Like Crap Syndrome and are toxic, then a detox plan becomes of uttermost importance for preserving your health and overcoming many of the problems that you’re currently struggling with.

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Why You Need a Sugar Detox

We need a clear path to detox from sugar, to break the addictive cycle of carb and sugar cravings that robs us of our health. And it only takes 21 days — or less. We need science, not willpower, to reverse this.

The Blood Sugar Solution 21-Day sugar Detox is the most effective way to gain control of your life and your health, no matter what your current situation. And because I encourage you to keep track of your progress during the detox, you will see the results right away.

The Benefits of Sugar Detox

Sugar detox certainly has its benefits, and whatever your reason for trying it, you can be sure to feel great afterwards.

Energy Gain

Many people experience higher energy levels after going on a 21 day sugar detox. You may feel more active, more willing to do exercise, less tired during the day and much healthier in yourself. If you experience any of the following sugar detox symptoms, then you could be perfect for the sugar detox program.

  • Tired in the mornings
  • Spikes and dips in your energy levels
  • The 3pm slump

Cutting out the sugar in your diet will help you to eliminate these symptoms, helping you to feel energized, focused and ready for the day ahead without having to rely on energy drinks, coffee and other stimulants. You can feel full of energy naturally, and all it takes is a few dietary changes.

Weight Loss

Another great benefit of a sugar detox is weight loss. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying the program because you want to lose weight or whether you want to be healthier in yourself, you can shed the pounds naturally without having to rely on standardized diets that limit you to strict meal plans and exercise regimes. In fact, sugar detox is great if you experience:

  • Sweet cravings
  • Carbohydrate cravings
  • The feeling of being hungry after your meals

Gas and Bloating

Many people experience gas or bloating after eating a meal. This is your bodys way of saying that the food you have eaten isn’t overly friendly to your stomach and digestive system, and so bloating and gas occur. If you frequently experience this, then you could be perfect for this program. You could feel more comfortable after every meal and you will feel much healthier because your body wont be experiencing the same inflammatory reactions. You could experience:

  • Full and comfortable feeling after every meal
  • Reduced gas and bloating
  • A healthier digestive system


If you suffer from any sort of skin condition, then you will most certainly see an improvement by cutting out the sugar in your diet. When you eat refined sugar, it causes your insulin levels to spike. This can then lead to what doctors call a burst of inflammation in the body. The body then reacts to this by producing enzymes that break down elastin and collagen, which can result in uneven skin tones, spots and other skin conditions. By cutting out sugar, you could experience the following benefits:

  • Healthier, brighter looking skin
  • Years younger
  • Less spots

Improved skin condition

These are just a few of the many benefits of sugar detox. That’s not all however, because you can have the enjoyment of encouraging friends to join you, cooking for them using your new found knowledge as well as feeling better in yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, be healthier, feel more active or whether you simply want to improve your skin condition once and for all, sugar detox is a great way to reap all the benefits without having to stick to a rigid diet that doesn’t allow you any leeway with your meals. As long as you cut out sugar, you’re well on your way to living a happier and healthier life.

How to Detox from Sugar Correctly

Identifying the problem and acknowledging its existence is the first and probably the most important step. Now that you know something’s wrong with your diet, you can pinpoint the best strategy for detoxing from sugar.

You may believe that detoxing is incredibly challenging. A few basic steps, however, can help you diminish your dependence on sweet temptations and even eliminate the cravings altogether. Doing a month-long sugar detox diet program can produce the desired results without stress. You’ll notice the results almost immediately.

The sugar detox diet approach you may want to try is quitting cold turkey. For some people, this approach is the most effective one. It requires a lot of willpower and it may be challenging. Still, giving the approach a try is the best way to determine whether it’s the right one for you.

Tips on Sugar Detox Diet

You are dealing with an addiction. Addicts can’t cut down gradually. By stopping all types of sugar and cooking your own meals, you’ll be immediately regulating the brain’s response to food. Try to avoid all boxed, processed and junk foods for a period of 10 days. You’ll find it difficult in the beginning and you’ll experience some withdrawal symptoms. If you make it through a few days, however, you will see the results.

If you can’t quit sugar cold turkey, make the decision to stop consuming sodas and carbonated beverages. Many people don’t realize that these are packed with sugar. To make things a little bit easier, you can have freshly squeezed fruit juices. These taste delicious and they’ll give you some of the sweetness that you’re desiring.

Things you need to avoid when you follow a sugar detox diet program

Go through your kitchen and identify all of the sugar sources. Chances are that you don’t know about the presence of sugar in many of your favorite foods. Throw away everything that contains this sugar detox food list:

  • Agave nectar and syrup
  • Buttered syrup
  • Cane, brown and white sugar
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Corn sweetener
  • Fructose
  • Grape sugar
  • Maple syrup
  • Maltose
  • Honey
  • Lactose
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Dextrose
  • Molasses

Artificial sweeteners aren’t a healthy alternative, either. When opting for an artificial sweetener, you’re replacing real sugar with a sugary synthetic product that contains zero calories. As a result, your cravings will intensify significantly.

The fact that you’re doing a sugar detox diet doesn’t mean you should eliminate all carbs altogether. Understanding the differences between good and bad carbohydrates is very important. Non-starchy veggies are carbs and you can eat unlimited quantities of those. Avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets and winter squash for the first 10 days of your detox program. If you want to do a comprehensive detox, avoid grains for the first 10 days of the program, as well.

Sugar Detox Diet VS Blood Sugar

To keep your energy high, up the protein intake. Protein in the morning will maintain your blood sugar levels steady and keep you from dealing with strong cravings through the day. Free range eggs are a great start of the day. Grass-fed meat, fish and chicken are also permissible.

Once you complete the initial detox (for 10 days), you can gradually start adding more foods to your menu. Still, all of the sugar should be out. Complex carbs are permissible. Cook your meals and eat fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dairy and even dark chocolate will be permissible in small quantities.

Now that you’ve completed the initial sugar detox diet, you’ll have to make some important decisions that are to last a lifetime. Preventing a sugar relapse is as important, as doing the detox. A little sweetness back in your life (like honey, for example) is permissible, if you keep the quantities under control. If you start indulging too often, you’ll become addicted to sugar all over again. You will need three to four weeks to form healthy habits and once you accomplish this initial success, stick to the progress that you’ve made.

Everything You Need To Know About The ‘21-Day Sugar Detox Program’

Claimed to be the perfect diet plan for people looking to stay healthy, the 21-Day Sugar Detox has been structured to satisfy bodies changing needs.

21 Day Sugar Detox By Diane Sanfilippo

In the words of its creator, the program can help you fight with fluctuating energy needs of the body throughout the day, like states of lethargy, fatigue and even depression. In fact, sugar detox has proved its worth as a wonderful diet plan among people who have tried it.

If the people who have underwent the 21-Day Sugar Detox Program are to be believed, then the plan has not only helped them in better managing of their energy needs, but at the same time has also helped them in getting better sleep, lesser mood swings, and even better glowing skin.

The whole detox program has been divided into three levels. These are –

  • Level 1, in which you need to reduce your dependency on refined foods. However, you can still consume grains, dairy and legume products

  • Level 2, in which your consumption of legumes, dairy and grains will be cut short

  • Level 3, in which you will have to follow a strictly modified paleo style diet, for detoxifying your body

If you are still confused as to what food stuff you can consume as a part of this plan, then let us have a detailed look at what food items you can eat and what you cannot –

Cannot Eat – as the name suggests, it is a sugar less diet. Therefore, some of the obvious food items that you are not allowed to eat as a part of this diet include the ones which have high sugar and carbohydrate content. These include cookies, muffins, brownies and similar other baked stuff, candies and chocolates, fruit juices, sugar (both brown and white) honey & other natural or artificial sweeteners, and breads, to name a few

Can Eat – as already stated, the basis of this 21-Day Sugar Detox Program is paleo, therefore everything that is acceptable in a paleo diet is allowed to be eaten in this diet plan. These include eggs (considered to be the best source of protein), avocado (an amazing source of fats that will keep you full, without adding sugar to your diet), Canned Tuna, Salmon and Chicken serve the purpose of healthy snacks (also contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids as well), vegetables (a prefect source of vitamins and essential nutrients)

There are other options for food items that you may consume. For instance, you can go for having a smoothie. However, in this case it is advisable that rather than making smoothies containing fruits, you must emphasize on vegetable smoothies. Besides these, you can also consume yogurt as well as a small amount of fruits as a part of the 21-Day Sugar Detox Program.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge? Give your body the well deserved detox it needs to get reinvigorated and see how your life changes to a healthy one!!

3 Effective Recipes From The 21 DSD Diet

For those of you who are looking to detoxify their body from the toxic substances accumulated over the years, there is great news. By the time you end reading this article, you are going to get some great and reliable recipes which are going to be of great help in detoxifying your body.

Wondering what are we talking about here? Well, we are talking about the 21 day sugar detox diet, designed by Diane Sanfilipo, one of the most popular Nutrition Consultant of Balanced Diets in the world.

With this detox diet plan, Diane has been able to help innumerable people in leading a healthier and better life since 2009. Below mentioned are 3 of the best recipes as approved by the 21 say sugar detox plan by Diane, which are going to invigorate your body completely –

Spaghetti sauce – the recipe is quite simple and can be easily prepared at home. All you need to do is take some bacon in a pan, placed on medium heat, to melt down the fat in it. Add some onions to the pan and cook them for at least 5 minutes. Once this is done, you can add black pepper and sea salt as seasonings. The next step is adding tomatoes and garlic to the mixture and stir for 30 seconds. You can add more salt and pepper as per your taste, and stir the mix on low heat for the next 15-20 minutes.  To this preparation, you can add oregano and basil leaves and stir the complete preparation for 5 more minutes. The sauce is ready to be served with the noodles!

Ginger Garlic Chicken-Hot and Sweet – another tasty food item that will leave your taste buds wanting for more and at the same time is healthy as well. To prepare Hot and Sweet ginger garlic chicken, you need to preheat the microwave to a temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The next step involves cooking the chicken until it becomes brown. For this you need to melt some ghee a microwave proof skillet. Once the ghee is melt, you can place the chicken, pre-seasoned from both sides with sea salt and black pepper, skin side down for approximately 5 minutes in the pan. Cook until the skin color turns brown and chicken releases without any difficulty from the pan. Make a sauce mixture to pour on chicken while it is being cooked. For this you need to mix ingredients like ginger, garlic, onion, coconut aminos, chili flakes, and salt & pepper to taste in a mixing bowl. Once the sauce is ready, you can pour it onto the prepared chicken, and place on the pan in oven for a period of 30 minutes. The chicken is ready to eat!

Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins – a non-vegetarian delicacy, these muffins are great for health and detoxification purpose. For this, you can begin by preparing chicken by seasoning it with sea salt and pepper and baking it for a period of 25 minutes. Shred the cooked chicken and mix some amount of wing sauce and mix it in a mixing bowl. Add eggs, sea salt, onions and black pepper along with some wing sauce in a separate bowl. Pour this mixture into the muffin tins to fill them to half of their size. Pour the chicken preparation in the left portion of the muffin tins and bake for 30 minutes. Once the muffins turn golden brown around the edges, you know that the muffins are ready!

With the help of these tangy and mouth watering dishes, your taste buds are never going to get bored and you are never going to run out of good health! If your concentrate on a period of DETOX in the way that this plan shows you, I promise you not only will your ENERGY levels soar, but FAT LOSS will too and those first 5KGs become easy.

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