The Best Food to Naturally Cleanse Your Liver!


If you are always feeling tired or discomfort with the body , there is very likely some problem with your liver.

Now most of the people sleeping late, eating fried things, bad temper, all of three is the nemesis of your liver. Too much oil will wrap the whole liver which leads the function liver is completely lost, so we can not eat too much oil.

Too much fat on the liver is very harmful. Everyday we are exposed to toxins, radiation and polluted air.  Our food has become refined, preserved, colored, low in fiber, fatty and treated with insecticides, chemicals, hormones and even genetically grown. We eat very little roughage, drink less water, lack of exercise and our increasing stress levels all contribute to various lifestyle induced ailments. … but these toxins from foods are fat-soluble, not only deposited in Fat, but also cause The health risks such as chronic illnesses, ranging from diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue syndrome, insulin resistance to irritable bowel syndrome and various immune related disorders. It’s time to protect our liver.

First , How to Cleanse the Liver

The liver is an absolutely amazing organ located on the right side of your stomach that has the ancient meaning of the word “Life”. It lives up the name as it’s the body’s largest internal organ and performs a mind blowing amount of health inspiring and life-sustaining tasks including the reason you are here healthy weight loss and weight management.

When your liver is healthy and working right, it does the following:

Liver in the body-Cleanse the Liver
  • Involved in many metabolic processes
  • Houses and stimulates energy
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Helps maintain hormonal balance
  • Determines fat storage
  • Produces the most proteins
  • Regulates blood flow

The liver chemically breaks down EVERYTHING that enters your body, including organic foods, dangerous pesticide residues on your salad, fast food burgers, your vitamins and minerals and doctor prescribed medicine.

The liver actively works to tell the difference between good and bad foods to decide what you should absorb into the body or remove out of the blood. When the liver is clogged with toxins and has too much to do, it has trouble performing effectively on processing those nutrients and fats.

It boils down to this: When you want to lose weight, the more toxic your body is, the more difficult it will be to lose the weight and keep it off.

Many of the low-carb diet crazes that people adopt for weight loss actually make matters worse. By advising people to eat tons of meat (toxins enriched usually) and at the same time, not enough fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, your liver ends up slowing down. With so much protein in our bellies, our stomach can’t make enough acid to digest it all and with that issue, our intestines and liver begin to overflow with partially digested poisons like ammonia, indican, histide and cadaverine.

Remember how I said the liver is absolutely amazing.

It battles these toxins by producing bile which lubricates our intestines and helps prevent constipation alongside fiber. Bile is where the liver dumps all of the drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and other toxins so they can be eliminated from the body. Bile also helps us break down the fats we need and to absorb vitamins such as vitamin A and calcium.

If you don’t know how to clean your liver, your bile becomes victim of too many toxins, and gets backed up with all of the substances its trying to flush out, so it just can’t function properly. That means it becomes thick, viscous and no long good at breaking down fats which results in you being more likely to gain weight and have a tougher time of losing it.

You must learn how to cleanse your liver. Once you learn how to detox your liver, you will help the liver make better and more efficient bile. This means our body will flush toxins better and break down fats more effectively. It also allows your body to make more energizing nutrients so that other parts of your body don’t have to work so hard. As your able to eliminate better, your colon doesn’t have to work as hard either. Overall, it will make you look and feel a lot better, and make it much easier to reach and keep your ideal weight. Best of all, its possible to do it all organically with a natural liver cleanse diet for those who prefer the natural route whenever possible.

How to Detox Your Liver

You can give your liver a boost quickly and safely and almost immediately drop some excess pounds and feel more energized and healthy. In fact when you are starting a new diet and workout program, first choose to do a liver cleanse diet. Even if you are in the middle of a weight loss plan, using a liver cleanse recipe is so important to get the best results. This detox will have a staged approach that involves the following:

Preparing the body for the cleanse (This can take 3-7 days depending on the plan you choose) and helps to ensure the liver and intestines are strong enough for the cleanse by feeding your body foods your liver loves.

The actual cleanse itself is usually liquid based and lasts 24 hours. Final sequence lasts 2-3 days and gives you the foods you need that help the liver and colon recover stronger and prepare for long term health.

This sequenced approach is highly recommended because without it, there is a good chance that the poisons you are trying to flush will simply get relocated within the body, making you feel anxious, tired and achy, probably worse than where you first started.

With this amazing organ working again as nature intended, you’ll be amazing how much better you’ll be able to burn fat and get to the body you want. A suitable diet that outlines the liver cleanse steps perfectly is the 159 vegetarian meal plan , which includes the organ detox as a key part of it’s diet, why do i suggest you to eat 159 grains? Keep on reading.

Eat more grains – to maintain the normal function of the spleen

Spleen must first be restored. Generally speaking, three meals every day, YOU must eat grains for more than 50% of the total diet, try to develop this habit.

Miscellaneous grains contain red beans, soybeans, mung beans, barley, etc., lotus seeds are also very good. Spleen is responsible for hematopoietic, there are two important time for Blood collection, that is, midday and midnight. So you have to rest when during rest time.

Every day when we fall asleep, the spleen starts to collect blood then send to the liver to detoxification. After detoxification, sending clean blood to the heart, last Blood is supplied by the heart to the body.

Unfortunately, many people also have a problem with spleen neither.

Only one way for recovering function of your spleen, that is – you must eat whole grains, the original miscellaneous grains, such as brown rice. From the whole eating habits, Once you can make adjustments for the whole eating habits , the more grain you eat, the faster spleen’s function will be restored.

The relationship between liver and spleen is mainly manifested in both digestion and blood.Spleen is closely allied to liver.

Have you ever found more and more people start to look for new ways to improve their health, and they are turning to natural remedies rather than pharmaceutical drugs more and more. Restore self-healing power, prevention is better than treatment, why not try 159 vegetarian meals?

If you got so fed up with weight loss, then you should try this “fool-proof” solution.I couldn’t believe how well it worked.  The weight finally stayed off.  No more struggles or frustration!

And this “solution”?… Well I can tell you that it is simple, but not easy.  That means… there are no complicated formulas, dieting, hunger or anything like that.  However, it does require work.

You must be willing to put the effort in.But if you are really desperate to lose weight then the work shouldn’t be a problem.

Let me explain.

Exercise does not address the true cause of your excess body fat.  Neither does dieting or going hungry.  This is why these things can’t give you results that actually last.

The only real way to fix the cause is with food.

Food is the single most powerful drug on the planet.  Food is the building block of your body, it has the power to make you fat or thin.

Now the definition of TYPE is actually very simple…  The food is either chemically altered or it’s not.  That means, it was either grown with pesticides, hormones and other harmful chemicals… or it wasn’t.

There is no “in-between”.

So just imagine for a second that all you consume is heavily processed food.

Well, over a span of years this food literally designs your body. Your cells.  Skin.  Fat content.  You become a real-life portrait of all that refined food.

Here’s the scary part… if you purchase your food at the grocery store… this is you!  Your portrait is virtually guaranteed to be full of excess body fat!  Virtually ALL store purchased food is chemically altered.  You can’t escape it.

Now, imagine for a second that all you consume is organic food.  Food that has never seen a man made chemical.  Food in its most natural, healthy state.

Over time your body begins to resemble that.  You have no abnormal fat.  You are lean and sexy.

There are some people who NEVER get fat.  This is the way they eat!

I’m telling you that this is the difference between being “naturally” thin or abnormally obese.  To have excess body fat and other flab is not natural.  The food you eat is causing it… period!

But the solution is simple…

You must begin eating food in its most natural state. So 159 Vegetarian meal is best for you.

The hard part is that you must do it consistently.  Each and every day of your life.  When you do this you literally begin to re-shape your body because the fat dissolves from the inside out.

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