It Is Not Your Fault That You Can’t Lose Fat!


Stop Falling for the Weight Loss Scams and Discover the Real Secrets of 159 Vegetarian Meals, Lose Weight Fast, Shape Up, Lose Body Fat, and Get a Fit But More Healthy Body!


Dear Great Body Seeker,

If you are like most of the people that come here you are either a man or a woman and you truly care about the way you look. You are someone who truly understands how deep down inside the way you look effects many other major aspects of your life. Inside your mind you probably have a vision of how your life will change once you look and feel your best.

You are not the typical fitness seeker. You may be just 5 pounds overweight or 100 pounds overweight. Either way you are not looking for just another typical fat and weight loss plan that will give you minimal results.

You’re sick and tired of fat burning pills, powders, and potions that only upset your stomach and shrink your wallet instead of your waistline.

You’re sick and tired of failing with the latest weight loss diet trend of the moment.

You’re sick and tired of people telling you that you will never have the body you dream of having, and to just accept it and live with it.

You’re sick and tired of spending endless hours at the gym every week but you still can’t get a lean beach body and burn the fat.

Deep down inside you want to be the best of the best. Let’s be completely honest here nobody wants to be just average. I always say that “average” is just a nice way of saying you are “plain” or “boring”, and who really wants to be that. And if you are truly honest with yourself, you will admit that you want a lean and well toned body that will stand out in a crowd and command attention.


If you are willing to dedicate 7 days to your body, and only follow an easy diet – 159 Vegetarian Meals per day, then I promise you’ll lose weight and body fat, get perfect abs, shape up, and develop a lean fit body you never though was possible. I will teach you the most effective methods to do this quickly and safely.

Imagine having a new super fit beach body and a new life without having to spend hours in the gym, taking some crazy weight loss supplements or fat burning pills and without all the confusion and frustration that’s associated with most fitness programs.

159 Vegetarian Meals separates fact form fiction on how to lose weight, burn fat, and shape up. 159 Vegetarian plan workout and nutrition principals have been a life changing experience for all the people. When you start the 159 Vegetarian diet you will never….

– Endure the ridicule and emotional pain of being out of shape.

– Be ripped off by buying some crazy workout machines or expensive fat burning supplements or weight loss pills that promise you results which is never made true.

First, let’s talk a bit about some of the myths that weight loss industry has been feeding you that prevent you from losing weight and burning fat.

Myth 1: You need to use expensive fat loss supplements to burn fat, lose weight, and get a lean body.

All you need to do is open a fitness magazine, you will find dozens of advertisements showing a model or a professional bodybuilder praising about the latest and greatest new fat loss supplement that hit the market. When you flip through the whole magazine you will learn that every model and professional bodybuilder is using some miracle fat burning pill that is responsible for their lean body. My God how could you be so silly to think that you could lose weight, burn fat, get flat firm abs, and a great body without this amazing fat loss pill that the pros are raving about…?

The Facts

Did you know most of those fitness magazines are owned by the very same companies that manufacture those fat burning supplements, which also happen to sponsor the bodybuilders and models raving on and on about how great these fat burning supplements are?

That’s right! The many of the fitness magazines are owned by the supplement companies. Basically these magazines are just a part of their marketing department. So the next time you read a raving review for a fat loss supplement in a fitness magazine you should do some investigating and find out exactly who owns the company that produces the fat loss supplement and who owns the fitness magazine.

Myth 2: To lose weight, burn fat, get a flat stomach, and a lean body the most important thing is that you exercise everyday.

I am sure you have heard this one before. Just exercise everyday and you will lose fat and get a flat firm stomach and lean body.

The Facts

The right type of training is important if you want to lose fat and get a nice lean body. However, correct nutrition actually accounts for a lot of the success you will see, especially when it comes to developing and maintaining a lean beach body and flat well toned stomach.

Myth 3: Just follow this amazing fat burning workout or use this amazing exercise machine and you will lose weight and fat fast.

You have probably flipped through different fitness and beauty magazines telling you to do this “Amazing Rapid Fat Loss Workout” or “ Best Fat Burning Workout Plan” and see the great changes happen and get the hot sexy lean beach body you always dreamed of in just 4 weeks.

The Facts

The right fat loss workout program is an important part of getting a fit beach body and rapid fat loss. However, the right weight training and cardio training methods plus the right fat loss diet is the real secret to burning fat and getting a lean sexy beach body fast. You see the key losing fat, shaping up and staying that way for life is working out effectively. Do NOT fall into the weight loss industry trap and become one of those fools that follows those crazy fat loss diet plans or workout programs, which never really give you any significant weight and fat loss results, and even if you do get good results most of these plans are so ridicules that you will never be able to maintain the results long-term. Millions of men and women try these “miracle rapid fat loss plans” every month, and when they fail they blame themselves for failing the fat loss plan when it fact it is the other way around and it is the fat loss plan that failed them. Many of these diets are also making ridicules claims such as promising that they will make you lose 10lbs in just one week. I still can’t figure out how they will do that unless they will cut you open and remove some of your organs.

Remember that the problem with many of these weight loss and fat burning diet programs is that they fail the person, and it is not the person who has failed the program. Some of the main reasons why these weight loss and fat burning diets fail you is because they result in very strong food craving that you can’t resist, make you feel depressed, make you feel stressed out, are very boring, and get in the way of your social or family life.

Myth 4: If you want to lose fat fast, get a great beach body, get a flat toned tummy or ripped six pack abs you must do lots of cardio exercise. Long sessions of slow and steady cardio are the best way to lose weight fast and burn fat.

For ages now we have been told by doctors, weight loss gurus, and fitness trainers that the best way to lose weight and fat fast is to do long sessions of cardio at a slow and steady speed.

The Facts

Next time you are your gym look around. I am sure you will see people spend a couple hours every week going boring slow and steady cardio. Yet month after month their bodies look almost the same.

Not only are long sessions of cardio exercise ineffective at burning fat but if that wasn’t bad enough, they can also have some very negative effects also. Long sessions of slow and steady cardio exercise may also reduce your muscle tone and speed up the again process.

Don’t take this the wrong way because when performed properly cardio exercise is a great fat burner, it will play an important role in helping you get rid of body fat, lose weight fast, and get the best beach body. The problem is that the majority of fitness books, TV shows, and magazines are not informing the public on how to perfume cardio exercise right to get the best fat burning.

Myth 5: To have a nice lean beach body you have to have the right DNA.

Weather or not you will have a lean body depends on having the right genetics. Some people are just destined to be fat and will never have that lean body they want.

The Facts

I have had people say to me that they will never lose their body fat and get lean because their personal trainer told them that they don’t have the right genetics. When the real problem here is not the person’s genetics but their personal trainer. My suggestion to you if a trainer ever tells you that is to inform them that you will no longer be requiring their services. With the proper fitness and nutrition program anybody can get a lean body.

You have probably seen that there are tons of different products out there on the internet for burning fat, shaping up, and weight loss. So you are asking yourself why you should listen to me if you want to burn fat and lose weight fast…

Please let me welcome you to 159 Vegetarian Meals, a unique diet devoted for best fat loss results for both men and women. With proven methods and research I present this unique Vegetarian diet to help you achieve rapid fat loss and weight loss results safely and effectively in just a matter of one week! If it’s a set of nice abs or a flat firm tummy or a very lean body you’re after, it’s going to happen for you here! Please let me tell you briefly about successful story from my friend and why you should take my advice if you are series about losing body fat, and shaping up fast.

My friend Kitty, who did cosmetics business about two years. Unfortunately, the business is not very good, she lost a lot of money  for two years. Coincidentally, one 159 salesman
wants to put a few boxes of 159 products in her shop and ask her to have a try to sell it.
She felt it is not good to refuse and agree with the salesman. However, the result was surprised by her as the 159 product is very popular, especially effective for people who want to lose weight , she tested it by herself, to be honest, I didn’t ask her how many pounds she lost, but you can see before and after picture below, and now she diverted and only to do 159 business.

In 159 Vegetarian Meals there will be no scams or gimmicks, just straight facts which have been proven by science, research, and experience. If you are frustrated because you keep failing time after time trying to reach your weight and fat loss goals then you have came to the right place. Your frustrations ends here and you can finally stop the insanity.

The good news is you’re finally here. This easy vegetarian meals that will tell it to you like it is and give you all the facts…

You’re not happy with the way you are because deep down inside you know you can do better. You may be only 5 pounds overweight, or maybe even 100 pounds overweight. Either way you want a body that doesn’t go unnoticed – life is too short to be “just average” and blend into the background. You want to stand out in a positive way.

You are smart enough to understand that having that lean toned body is much more than just about showing off at the beach.

It’s more than just looking great in latest fashions for the first time ever or looking better then all your former classmates at a high school reunion.

It’s about what having a lean fit body says about you. It tells the world “I am in total control of my body and my life and I will NOT settle for second best. I am a fighter and a winner and I will not let anyone or anything get in the way of my goals.”

I have discovered from personal experience that when you apply that statement to your life it really will change things and then life brings you the absolute best it has to offer.

Not just the best health, the best job and the best future. Let’s be completely 100% honest here… Winners attract other winners.

I don’t care if you’re male or female, young or old, just slightly out of shape or extremely out of shape. The only thing that’s important is you made it here and you’re going to transform your body, and finally get the body you always wanted. Everything that’s been keeping you from true happiness and living the life you always wanted to live will now change.

This is probably starting to sound very familiar to you by now. By the time you get to the bottom of this page and read every word you will have taken the first step on your journey to best weight and fat loss.

I know it’s hard to believe that, right now you have to ability to a achieve that super lean and fit body, but with this easy vegetarian meals you will transform your body from flabby to a lean, tight, and well defined beach body. The vegetarian meal plan you’re about to possess will give you the ultimate metabolism boosting advantage and ignite your fat burning hormones to start stripping fat, even while you sleep. Turning your body into a non stop fat burning machine.

Not only will your entire body change but you will also transform your life!

You’ll no longer go unnoticed or remain just “average” because life is too short to be just “average”. Saying you are “average” is just a nice way of saying you are plain and unnoticeable, and I don’t think this is how you want to go through life.

Young or old, male or female… It makes no difference because with 159 vegetarian meal plan everyone can lose weight, burn fat, and get a fit body.

Here is just a small list of some of the fat burning and weight loss, tricks, and secrets you will discover in the 159 Vegetarian Meals:

❤ ️ 1, balanced nutrition
❤ ️ 2, change the way of life
❤ ️ 3, eat safely
❤ ️ 4, eat healthy: the original ecology
❤ ️ 5, no pesticide residues
❤ ️ 6, no additives
❤ ️ 7, no genetically modified
❤ ️ 8, eat less (physical control for weight loss)
❤ ️ 9, eat the whole (159 kinds of food at one time)
❤ ️ 10, eat right (the original ecology)
❤ ️ 11, reduce free radicals (free radicals are the source of all diseases)
❤ ️ 12, plant nutrient-rich elimination of free radicals (anti-inflammatory anti-disease)
❤ ️ 13, to correct the source of all diseases acidic system (159 kinds of alkaline plants)
❤ ️ 14, clear the intestinal toxins
❤ ️ 15, promote intestinal peristalsis
❤ ️ 16, be rich in prebiotics
❤ ️ 17, low sugar index
❤ ️ 18, easy to eat (just water and a pack)
❤ ️ 19, instead of cooking (just water and a pack)
❤ ️ 20, instead of prescription (nutrient complete, repair cells – Medicinal and Edible)
❤ ️ 21,159 exchange of food – the body 4S maintenance
❤️️  22, conditioning acne
❤ ️ 23, conditioning pigmentation
❤ ️ 24, prevention and treatment of hair loss
❤ ️ 25, white hair turn black
❤ ️ 26, lower blood sugar
❤ ️ 27, lower blood pressure
❤ ️ 28, lowering blood lipids
❤ ️ 29, relieve constipation
❤ ️ 30, conditioning loose stools
❤️  31,159 Vegetarian full meal is the first – world by the 159 kinds of natural organic high nutritional ingredients
❤ ️ 32. 10 kinds of grains
❤ ️ 33.More than 20 kinds of beans, soybeans
❤ ️ 34. 8 kinds of various nuts
❤ ️ 35. Seeds more than 40 kinds
️️❤  36. Bacteria and algae more than 20 kinds
❤ ️ 37. 10 kinds of flowers and so on
❤ ️ 38. A variety of medicinal and edible homologous ingredients such as wolf-berry, red dates, honeysuckle, cassia seed, Radish Seed, pecan kernel, barley, kidney beans and so on.
❤ ️ 39. High-calorie supplement of daily food unlike ordinary vegetarian which is easily lack of protein, minerals, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, complete cell raw materials
❤ ️ 40. Correct the usual eating more, eating wrong, restore cell healing power, conditioning sub-health and disease!
❤️  41. The low calorie can correct too much eating and lack of exercise which brings the accumulation of fat, obesity.
❤️  42. 159 Vegetarian full meal through the world’s most credible PONY PONY test detection of mineral trace elements and nutrients, so that people do not have to worry about eating vegan nutrition imbalance
❤️  43. The content of plant protein is 17.8g / 100g.
❤️  44.All trace elements are balanced calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, copper, manganese, potassium balance.
❤️  45.Detoxification
❤ ️ 46. Weight loss
️️❤️  47. Conditioning the spleen and stomach
❤ ️ 48. Beauty For Women
❤️  49. Purify the blood
❤ ️ 50. Increase immunity
❤ ️ 51. Anti-cancer
❤ ️ 52. Immunomodulation
❤ ️ 53. Early avoidance of diseases
❤ ️ 54. Visceral self-repair
❤ ️ 55. System to become a food exchange mentor, nutritionist, health management division
❤ ️ 56. Lowest cost medical care
❤ ️ 57. Harvest Health

And much much much more!

There’s so much more included in the 159, I couldn’t possibly list it all here. If you doubt about advantages of grains, you can check Grains, Good For You, or Bad ?

159 vegetarian meal will help you to lose weight fast, burn fat, get rid of your belly fat, and give you the body you want, but it is a pity that “159” can’t give you money back guarantee as it is food.

Let’s make this a great deal for you!

159 meal plan was designed specifically for men that want to lose body fat, build lean muscle without getting too bulky, and want to have a very lean, and athletic looking body. This meal plan tells you exactly what and when to eat for best results. When people want me to design a meal plan for them I usually charge them about $3 for one meal, very cheap,right? If you are interested in this vegetarian diet , I will introduce more later.


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