How Many Calories Does a Person Need Per Day?


Weight loss really does begin in your head. How to lose weight fast? Well, that is a really good question.There are so many products on the market: pills, programs, diets with low calories, exercise routines, etc. Which one or which ones are the best to follow?

Find Out How many calories DO you need to lose weight…


Everywhere we turn, from doctors on TV to articles written in magazines, that’s all we hear the “health authorities” talk about.

Is it as easy as that or is there more to it than just calories…

The concept of calorie counting sounds simple enough – eat less calories, lose more weight. But can it be that simple? Strange as it may seem, the truth is EVEN simpler. Before I explain, let’s review some issues that you’ve either experienced yourself or heard from friends.

  • I cut my calories and lost a bunch of weight and then the weight loss just STOPPED way before I reached my goal.
  • I followed the plan and cut my calories but my weight hasn’t budged an ounce
  • I cut my calories and I actually gained weight!
  • I reached my goal and within 2 weeks gained back 20 pounds.

Let me be clear – calorie counting is a tool but what I want you to learn from this article that calories are not the end all be all. Counting calories won’t get you to the finish line all by itself. While it is important to understand how many calories the foods you eat contain so you don’t overeat (What are the 5 worst foods to eat?) There are better and easier ways than obsessing over calorie counts

What if fat could just melt off your body?

In fact, you can literally shift your body into fat burning mode and start losing weight within a week and keep losing weight – all without counting your calories. You’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of anything like this before. The missing secret is that there is a very important step that must be performed BEFORE diet and exercise, and most don’t know about it. I’ll walk you through the information in a second, but if you want to jump ahead click to the right to watch it in video form.

I said this was going to be simple, so throw out the forum lingo, the BMRs and RMRs, stop suffering with VLCD’s and WODs. Toss the untested diet pills that keep you awake half the night and make your body weight swing up and down like a yo-yo. The goal is to get your body into fat burning mode as soon as possible and then learn to keep an eye on the type and quality of calories you consume, not the number.

Let’s take a step back and talk about why traditional diet methods don’t work.

The reason we get fat is that our bodies are well-oiled, survival maximized machines. Our genes want to maximize survival not looks, so to survive long periods of starvation our body wants to keep fat around for emergencies. Fat gain is due to high insulin levels stimulated by eating large amounts of refined carbohydrates. The body is programmed to do one thing, so it doesn’t know its hurting you by storing all the fat. Whatever the root cause, the end result is obvious.

All of that fat storing DNA is working against us!

When we try to lose the weight, the body recognizes our attempts and enters Starvation Mode. In starvation mode – your body will fight your efforts to burn calories. No matter how many miles you run or the number of salads you eat, your body will jump back to its “set weight point”, kind of like how a rubber band will snap back as soon as you let go.

If you starve yourself to drop pounds, your body will fight that much harder to hold onto every last calorie.

Learn How many calories should be burned in a day and give yourself a chance to succeed.

As you can see – calorie counting is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t get discouraged though – there is a way – just stay with me and I’ll show you someone who has cracked the genetic code and figured out a way to simply and easily provide you effective weight loss guidance. Not Internet forum guidance but, you know, real knowledge from a real Doctor.

Here’s the first big tip:

It all starts with the liver, an amazing organ that just doesn’t get enough fat burning credit.

It’s an amazing fat burning and metabolizing engine within the body that breaks down harmful toxins and most importantly FAT . When we were younger, our liver functioned at optimal levels, digesting fats, proteins and carbohydrates, maintaining blood sugar levels, and producing bile and other enzymes.

The problem occurs when the liver stops functioning as well as it should.

This can happen for a number of reasons, excess body fat accumulation over the years or the type of foods you eat (say no to Fructose). Anyway, the point is before you go calorie counting and exercising – you must kick start your biggest ally in weight loss! There are a few quick ways to cleanse the liver quickly and almost immediately lose weight within a week by doing so. Find out more details on how to cleanse the liver here.

Let me get back to dieting – most diets have a yo-yo effect as in the weight comes off and comes right back on again. The results don’t last and in the meantime, you’re forced to cut out foods that you love while working out like a crazed animal.

Be honest with yourself and find a sustainable program that still holds you accountable but actually gets your body burning fat strong naturally, while you continue to eat the foods you love and work out in moderation.

Whatever you choose to do after you leave this site, please get some expert guidance and use a program that is all encompassing and includes information about kick starting your metabolism, eating the right foods and exercising.

Check out the link to watch a video for a complete cleansing and weight loss program that comes highly recommended and covers all of the things we talked about here.

If you’ve read this far, it means that you’re interested in losing weight.

You don’t need to look for anymore motivation than that. In fact, remove the word motivation from your vocabulary starting today. The only real reason we use this word is we can blame ourselves if we don’t succeed. Just get started. You don’t need motivation to do what you have to do.

Whatever your reason is for choosing to lose weight, just know that you deserve to live life to the fullest without being restricted by being unfit. Stop worrying about what people saying or think of you, because if you’re sick of being the overweight one, you can absolutely change it!

Full disclosure: there is one minor downside to losing all that weight. You’re going to go broke shopping for new clothes.  Just imagine what your going to wear that you couldn’t before – the possibilities are endless.

Get yourself in the right frame of mind and get going today.

Get active and energized with weight loss

Helping our readers lose weight is our passion.

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