Effective Ways to Lose Weight in Just 2 Weeks


Have you lost confidence because of your unwanted baggage and negative self-issues? Well,we will help you love yourself again and get rid of those most hated fats of yours with these simple yet effective ways on how to lose weight that we are going to share with you.You will be able to be in good shape again plus having the perfect curves in just 2 weeks.

Who says that losing weight is difficult? You can shed your weight and drop a pound in a week by just changing your lifestyle without even visiting the gym . You just need to train yourself to eat less and exercise a lot more .Try having an exercise everyday even for just 30 minutes each and forget all your favorite snacks that give you more calories.

So how you will lose weight by diet? Before you start eating, drink first a glass of water so you will eat less because you will feed already full. Being on a diet means that you must minimize eating foods with added sugars,starches, and animal fats.

Avoid eating meat ,processed foods as well as diary products because they are sources of calories , try focus on fresh foods instead. These fresh foods include vegetables ,fruits , fish, shellfish and lean meat .You can also prefer soy products, eggs whites, skinless chicken breast and nonfat dairy foods.

As much as possible, you should drink plenty of water and get rid of the tempting f oods at home .Stay busy all the time to save yourself from thinking about your most favorite foods, sometimes eating is one way of killing boredom so keep yourself busy .

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to skip meals . Skipping meals can also make you fat because when you are hungry as hell, you will have no control in eating because your stomach is craving for food .

Next is exercise, one of the things that keep your mind and body fit is by having fat burning exercises that you must practice every day . Here are 5 simple workouts that you can try home:

  • Doing leg lifts Exercise : this 30 second exercise is best in burning the fats in your tummy and this also works for your abs and legs.
  • Superman Exercise : an exercise that will absolutely work your abs, thighs, and lower back .You can do this exercise for only 30 seconds a day .This is also effective in toning your belly .
  • Jump Squats Exercise : this exercise will help you in toning your thighs and its also a good workout for your body .This is very good in keeping your heart beat up , which can absolutely make you sweat a lot . Do this exercise regularly to experience a great weight loss for just 30 seconds per day.
  • Inverted V Pipe Exercise: is a 30 seconds exercise which will tone your arms core and your lower back.
  • Push up and Knee Kick Exercise : a form of exercise which is very effective in working your body and in losing arm fats . This is also very good in building strength both in the arms and core .

Well, besides of exercises you should do every day, here are more 25 Best Weight-Loss Tips that Everyone Should Remember:

1. Set a practical weight-loss goal. A lot of professionals suggest pursuing half a pound to 2 pounds a week.

2. Keep monitoring. Dieters that track everything they eat lose two times as much weight as those that don’t.

3. Motivate on your own. Get a pair of jeans or trousers that are too tight and drape them in the kitchen space rather than the closet to maintain yourself encouragement .

4. Receive support from family and friends. Dieters who have assistance from a partner in your house lose more weight than those that don’t, research shows.

5. Move it to lose it. Study reveals that people who do exercises such as walking or cycling for two to 4 hours a week throughout weight-loss initiatives shed an additional 3 to 5 pounds over a year.

6. Pay attention to your plate. A 3-ounce section of meat, poultry or fish: the dimension of the hand of your hand or a deck of cards; 1 teaspoon of butter or margarine: dimensions of a stamp; a cup of cereal, berries or snacks: a baseball; 4-inch pancake or waffle, the size of a CD.

7. Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Do away with the meals that undermine your fat burning. 5 Foods to Never Eat.

8. Make a dinner recipe list. This would consist of 10 preferred fast and healthy suppers written on index cards. Each card should detail the active ingredients for the recipe on one side and directions for making it on the various other.

9. Don’t get too hungry. Consume regular dishes and snacks. Make sure you have some protein foods such as natural yogurt, tuna, grains or chicken for most meals.

10. Have fruits and veggies around. Keep generate on hand. You can easily eat them as a treat or when prepping dishes to take the side off your hunger.

11. Squirrel away on “spontaneity fruits.” Maintain points like grapes, clementines, small apples, small bananas and pears around the house. These meals are easy to eat without needing to do much cutting and slicing.

12. Get the whole household involved. That will acquire every loved one eating healthier. Get low-fat 1 % or skim milk, low-fat cream cheese and reduced-fat cheese instead of the full-fat versions.

13. See ya liquid cals. Do away with soda and sweet drinks such as sweetened iced tea, sports beverages and alcoholic beverages. Pick skim and 1 % milk.

14. Let yourself have One. When it comes to high-calorie meals, it wouldn’t be inappropriate if you permit one little surprise a day. That might be one biscuit or a fun-sized candy bar.

15. Slow and steady, do not race. Force yourself to consume more slowly and appreciate each bite.

16. Hydrate prior to foods. Drinking 16 ounces, or two glasses, of water before foods could aid you eat less.

17. Smaller platters, bowls, glasses, silverware. Utilizing smaller sized models of your serving ware will help you consume less food normally. This is one of the top 5 health trends.

18. Embrace the motto “after 8 is late” for snacks after dinner.

19. Acquire a pedometer. Health and wellness experts recommend taking at the very least 10,000 steps a day, which is around 4 to 5 miles.

20. The timely treat. If your chocolate yearning is overwhelming, attempt diet plan hot-chocolate packages. If you require some goodness, go out for it or buy small prepackaged sections of ice cream bars.

21. Dine at a table. Consume from a platter while seated at a table. Don’t eat while steering, lazing on the sofa or preying the refrigerator.

22. Dine out without stuffing oneself. Identify what you planning to consume beforehand. Acquire salad dressing on the side. Dining establishments often put about one-quarter mug (4 tbsps) of dressing on a salad, which is often a lot of calories. Ideal to stick with 1 to 2 tbsps. Plunge your fork in to the dressing and then into the tossed salad.

23. Receive plenty of sleep. The results might lead to overindulging and weight gain.

24. Check your weight regularly. That’s what successful dieters and those that take care of to keep weight loss do. Some step on the ranges when a week.

25. Reward thy self with special treats. When you meet your incremental fat loss objectives, claim shedding 5 pounds, treat yourself to something– but not food. Acquire a CD or DVD you have actually been preferring or go out to a movie with a friend.

By trying the tips that we have discussed above , you can have a great time in your weight loss journey . Losing weight is not hard , losing weight is fun.

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