If you want to know the biggest benefits to exercise, then this will be the most important article you’ll ever read.

Here’s why.  I’m going to reveal the top 10 body enhancing benefits to working up a sweat.

And when I say “top 10″…

I mean it.

If you exercise you’ll be able to experience all of these amazing benefits in just 7 days or less.

And I’m speaking from experience here, because I’ve noticed all of these benefits personally.  Plus… my clients rave about them continually.

So the bottom line here is…

Get up on the edge of you seat and give me your laser focused attention, because this can dramatically improve you body.  Your energy.  Your appearance.  Your attraction!

Let’s begin with the top 10 benefits to exercise…

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1.  You’ll feel like a “million bucks”.

Can’t explain it…

But from what I’ve seen, those who exercise tend to have a far greater attitude toward their body.

Most likely because they are thinner, healthier people.

And when you feel better… you can be down-right, irresistible.

2. Dramatically improves health.

Hey guys, there is no more arguing this fact…

Those who exercise are healthier people than those who do not.  This means they live longer and are able to enjoy life.

3.  Lose weight faster.

Those who exercise lose weight faster… period!

Plus, they just flat out stay thinner than those who are not working out.

4.  “Turns heads” and improves appearance.

Listen.  Hark unto me…

The fastest way to get a “bangin” body is to get your butt in the gym and sweat.

The “exercise – attraction” link is undeniable!

It literally churns the hormones in your body and sends out sexually magnetic energy that attracts the opposite sex!

No doubt… one of the biggest benefits to exercise.

5.  Keep the weight off with ease.

The vast majority of people go out and lose weight, but that weight comes right back.

What are frustrating “pain in the butt”!

From what I’ve seen, the reason this happens is because you slip back into your old lifestyle patterns.

But if you cement a pattern of exercise… at least 6 days per week… into your lifestyle, your chances of gaining the weight back are exponentially decreased.

6.  Eat junk food and get away with it.

That’s right.

You can indulge yourself in your naughty little chocolate desire.

Take two identical people with the same diet.

If one exercises and the other does not, the one that does, will be able to consume far more junk food without getting fat.

Now, of-course, this is not a free pass to stuff you face with gluttony.  But it will remove much of the guilt from your diet!

7.  Builds muscle mass.

This is among the most important on this list of top 10 benefits to exercise.

People who focus on muscle development.  Whether it be lifting weights or some other form of resistance training, tend to burn way more fat.  Way more!

Studies prove this.

And from what I’ve witnessed… muscle development exercise surpasses plain old “cardio”… hands down!

Listen up boys and girls…

Building lean muscle is the number 1 key to getting a stunning “stop em dead in their tracks”, curvy body.

So if you want to turn heads, start sweating now.

8.  Improves cardiovascular health.

Exercise improves blood circulation.

The more blood that moves through your body, the more oxygen that gets delivered to your cells.

Oxygen is key.

It burns fat, improves health, increases life span… and is an “anti-aging” super miracle all in itself!

9.  Improved mental clarity.

Studies have proven that those who exercise are able to focus better.  Think better.  Learn better.

This is a very common observation among the “die-hards”.

And I second the notion.

In this day and age of “fast-paced” living… you need fast paced thinking to keep up.

10.  Shock waves of energy.

Not sure why…

But when I exercise it greatly increases my vitality.

Allows me to operate on an energy high all day.  Just plane makes me feel great!

So if you lack the energy to make it through your day, then maybe it’s time to pry yourself from that deeply worn “butt print” on your couch, and do some sweating.

You’ll be glad you did.

Ok.  So there were the top 10 benefits to exercise.

Now you should get up and start right now.  Losers delay.  Winners begin.

Chances are you’ll be getting all these results in just 7 days or less!

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