Hey, I am Kiki and I would like to share something interesting with you…It is cloudy today, but I prefer to say it seems a sunny day. I came across Facebook and met a friend who comes from Sarasota Florida,USA. What makes me excited is that he is interested in “159 Vegetarian Meals“, I happened to hear some information from my chinese friend, so I share with him all the information I heard before , no more talking, if you are also interested in it ,just keep on reading.

Who Is The Man Behind of “159 Vegetarian Meals” ?

Han Dan, a Chinese nutritionist & creator of 159 vegetarian meal plan, who graduated from Jilin University College of life science. He is a chairman of Zuo DanLi Biotechnology Co., Ltd and specialized in bio-pharmaceutical. After 14-year research, he absorbed the  ancient and modern diet health concept based on the “Yellow Emperor“, “Classic of Changes”, “Compendium of Materia Medica” and other books to make sure the ingredients of foods are harmonious with each other. He selected five categories of pure plant nuts, seeds, flowers, Gu beans, algae and other 159 species in accordance with the “40 kinds of essential nutrients and 15 kinds of other important nutrients” which meet international nutrition standards. He successfully developed a simple, fast and efficient diet meal – 159 vegetarian meal.

Why Does It Call 159 ?

The triple meaning of 159:

  1. It contains 159 kinds of natural ingredients;
  2. Price of each box is 159 ¥, Delivery fees vary upon location.
  3. The normal life of human is 159 years old (scientific argument from scientists according to the perspective of cell division )


What is “159 full Vegetarian Meals”?

Product Name: 159 full Vegetarian Meals
Author: Han Dan
Online Shophttps://159meal.com
Product Cost: 159¥/Box (Delivery fees vary upon location.)
Place of Production: Jilin Province
Taste: taste like sesame paste
Weight: 350 g
Who is best for: Suitable for all ages, especially for those who want to lose weight fast by foods.

“159 Vegetarian Meals” ,short as “159”, is a new Brand of Healthy Vegetarian Dietary Supplement named Zuo Dan Li. It contains 159 kinds of natural ingredients from the combination of food,making it #1 food package in the world. Its high nutrition make up for protein, minerals, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids which are easily lack of the daily food and ordinary vegetarian. 159 aims to correct the normal lifestyle, eat more, eat wrong, eat loss, get rid of cell unhealthy condition, restore cell self-healing , recuperate sub-health,disease and so on ! You can find the natural materials list of 159 Vegetarian meals below:

Cereals: glutinous rice, barley, black rice, buckwheat rice, oats, millet, brown rice, sorghum rice, wheat, barley, soybeans, black beans, red beans, green beans, peas, beans , Lentils, concanavalin, green beans, kidney beans, Dutch beans, soybeans, green beans, dragon beans, ridge boat beans, cow-pea.

Nuts: pecans, hazelnut, pine nuts, happy nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, ginkgo nuts.

Seeds: watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, grape seed, cucumber seeds, basil seeds, lettuce seeds, cherry seeds, melon seeds, bitter gourd seeds, melon seeds, bergamot seeds, gold loofah seeds, loofah seeds, Zucchini seeds, cucumber seeds, parsley seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, Pilan seeds, amaranth, bitter seeds, pomegranate seeds, cabbage seeds, spinach seeds, Carrots seeds, toon seeds, kale seeds, chrysanthemum seeds, rapeseed, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, seabuckthorn, cassia seed, radish seed, jujube kernel, hemp seed, pine pollen.

Fungi: hazel mushroom, Hericium, black fungus, red mushrooms, matsutake, Poria, Tremella, Morchella, mushrooms, red mushrooms, mushrooms, great spirulina, kelp, seaweed.

Flowers: red lilies, lilac flowers, chrysanthemum, Huaihua, generation of flowers, white beans, honeysuckle, Danfeng peony flowers, tea flowers , wolf-berry, red dates, green peppers, etc.

From so many kinds of ingredients , what are special features of 159 vegetarian meal plan?

1.Complete & balanced Nutrient
2.Alkaline food: to correct acidic body
3.Be rich in plant protein
4.Low Carbohydrate
5.Contain enough unsaturated fatty acids
6.Abundant antioxidant plants nutrients

159,Is It Medicine ?

No! It’s neither a health care product nor a special weight loss product (weight loss is only a natural effect) 159 is simply a vegetarian diet meal in accordance with the theory of Chinese medicine health.

Actually, 159 is just one nutritious food which can eat with the meal. You can eat when during busy work.  The one who wants quickly lose weight can change it into main food, you can eat any way you want to. Women love to eat, the children can eat to become more clever, the old can eat, and the whole family can eat. It is really an easy meal plan.

Who Is 159 Vegetarian Meal For ?

Who can eat 159 Benefits of 159 Meal Plan
Vegetarians Vegetarians who eat 159 can get calcium, iron, zinc and all the balanced nutrients from the nuts, beans, seeds, flowers and fruits, grapes and other kinds of materials.
Office workers Office employees are always busy, they rarely concerned about their own diet, 159 as a energy meal, it’s not only easy to enhance the immune system, but also enhance physical fitness.
Sub-health immunity 159 contains 159-kind of natural nutrients which can quickly enhance the body immunity.
Pregnant women For pregnant women ,all kinds of nuts, grains, algae can provide a rich folic acid and zinc, Omega 3 to ensure offer a comprehensive nutrition for the growth of the child .
Children and adolescents 159 contains nuts, walnuts, hazelnut kernel, black sesame seeds, flax seed in the Omega 3 which make the Children & adolescents more intelligent
Middle-aged and elderly Pineapple, hemp seed, sea buckthorn seed contained in 159 ,is an essential part of longevity.
Men Cut off the big belly, get rid of constipation and beriberi. Try to be handsome and perfect fit body.
Diabetes 159 can effectively reduce blood sugar, relieve high blood lipids, reduce the amount of medication until you throw away the drug cans.
Slim & beauty of the woman Ladies, if you want to lose weight, start to change your diet first. 159,Clean the intestines, Improve constipation, Eliminate toxins, Improve immunity and Endocrine function. 159 meal is a good helper for women to lose weight.
Kind Reminder

If you are allergic to nuts,please carefully to eat by following doctor’s advice.

How Do You Eat?

You can eat 159 meal in 3 different ways:

  1. First plan, replace dinner with 159 only.
  2. Second plan, replace breakfast and dinner with 159 .( both 1th and 2th plan – adjust to your body in case there are some reactions).
  3. Most recommended-Exchange diet for fast weight loss.

Take 159 full meal in first 7 days.  Boil with boiling water or pot to boil which is more conducive to make some minerals dissolve in the water, so that the porridge can be more nutritious.

Time packet Notice
5:00-7:00 Breakfast 1 packet Drinking 200ml water before and after the 159 meal


1 packet Drinking 200ml water before and after the 159 meal
5: 00-7: 00


1 packet Drinking 200ml water before and after the 159 meal

Kind Remind: You can eat extra 1-2 meals per day if you feel hungry, each meal 1 package; or, you can also adjust the whole dieting period for 14 days or 21 days and according to your own physical condition.

Kind Remind: If you are in a weak physical condition, eat 159 with the usual meal for 7-15 days, or instead of dinner meal 7-15 days, never do the exchange before you adapting this meal plan. That will be better.

Warning: During the diet exchange period, if you are suffering hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, severe anemia, you may happen to hypoglycemic symptoms such as sweating, hunger, palpitation, trembling, pale, etc. , you must add brown sugar with boiled water to supply heat and energy.

There are some acute symptoms, such as acute appendicitis attack and acute heart attack, patients should be promptly sent to the hospital for treatment.

So Always to Seek Your Physician’s Advice before starting any diet you doubt about.

Before And After Pics ( Real Users of Weight loss)


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What Does The Users Say?

159, a quick vegetarian meal, won a good reputation since it was launched on the market,take a look what users to comment about it:

159 Vegetarian Meal Conclusion

159 is – a way of life;

159 is – one attitude towards life;

159 is – a concept of life;

159 is – an easy vegetarian meal;

159 is – a whole grains;

 159 is – a developing trend in the future.




If you want to order 159 Vegetarian Meal or know more about it, we advise you visit 159meal.com

If you like this vegetarian diet and firmly believe that you can live longer to 159 years old, share to your friends and see how do they think about…

Disclaim: all the information only be offered as reference , it doesn’t involved in commercial use, any question ask your doctor first.

By the way, if you want to buy 159 , please send email to flykiki852@gmail.com , you can also add wechat: 1835156194 or scan wechat below:

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    1. Great article to share . My mother-in law took 159 about half a month and she lost 8 pounds, that is really amazing result…

  1. Make sense, I want to have a try, how can I order 10 boxes first? How much shall I pay?

  2. Hello, can I order 159 from you? My friend moved to China and tried it and loved it.How much should I start with? How many in each box? thanks.

    1. Sure, I think more and more people will like it . 10 packets each box, and I suggest everyone starts with 10 boxes as it is a discount above 10 boxes. I have replied all your questions to your email, thank you.

  3. I am from USA and very interesting join the team Please contact me by email thank you.

  4. I’ve heard about a lot of fake 159. How can we know if this is real or fake? Also, are you a national 159 agent? I heard that 159 is not available in the States yet so wondering how it’s being distributed everywhere. Thanks.

    1. Good Question.It is because 159 meal becomes very popular and Enjoy a good reputation from clients,so some manufacturers start to imitate the product.When clients got benefits from this diet, They are eligible to become agents. First, you can recolonize through color. Second, you can log in official website to check bar-code or Qr-code.

  5. where can I buy this product? How much to deliver to Singapore? I have sent an email to you.

  6. I have a Chinese friend that lost weight with 159, so I want to have a try ,order 10 boxes first and sent my information to your email , waiting for my good news and will share the result later.

    1. Thanks for your order, I will deliver your goods today. Let me know when you get them.

  7. Hi,

    I want to buy some 159 meals, but I live in Linden-wold. Is there a way I can buy some? thank you

    1. I am glad that you improve your health by 159 meals. The materials like Cassia, pea, almond and Watermelon seeds help loosen the bowels to relieve constipation.

  8. I am Anna from Malaysia , and i have tried it myself for a week now and it is working, I feel good and lost my tummy. It is really good diet for weight loss.

  9. Hi, I am from Toronto, Canada. Do you have a distributor here. Can you please let me know. Thanks.

  10. hi, I am from Egypt and I am working in UAE, do you have a dealer in UAE or in Egypt and how much will cost me in UAE and in Egypt $

  11. Hi, Sarah here from Malaysia.
    This morning I took 159 as breakfast….So far so good
    Looks like my body is adapting more and more compared to my first day when I took 159,it is really great healthy food.

    1. Yes. Ray, let me explain more for 159 meals…
      Gout patients can eat 159 meal ! Because protein of the beans inside 159 is complete protein which is needed for the patients, but the beans people generally eating are not a complete protein! The complete protein is needed by the gout patient, and the incomplete protein should be controlled by the gout patient. And ️️️159 is pure alkaline food which can be very good for gout patients with high uric acid, the gout patients will get a very good improvement.

  12. I am interested in 159 meal supplements.

    Can I know where l can buy in Singapore?

    If l need to order from you, can you give me a discount code to reduce shipping?


    1. Hi, generally speaking , there is a discount above 10 boxes.If you order one case=40 boxes, it will free shipping, thank you.

    1. Hi,Madeleine, May I know where are you from and how many boxes do you want to buy so that we can offer you price, thank you.

    1. Hello, if you choose EMS, it will take about one week, but if you want it faster and would like to pay a little more shipment fee , FedEx will take 4-5 days. thank you.

  13. Hi, I’m from India and I have few 159 packets with me which my neighbor got for me from China but I’m not sure if it’s fake or real. How to distinguish please help. I have already consumed 5 packets. What if I’ve consumed fake ones?
    Please help urgently

    1. Yes, if you eat 159 not for weight loss, you can eat 159 after your meal. If you try to eat 159 to lose weight ,start at one meal replacement to adjust this diet. It must be careful for diet exchange.

    1. Hi, Haidi, there is no distributor in Suriname (South America) yet. Welcome if you want to be our partner. thank you.

  14. Hello Shirly, I am from US and interested in 159 for weight loss. Please tell me who are the qualified distributors in the US.

  15. Am interest in the product. Can a person with two kidneys which are not functioning able to consume.

  16. I would like to try 159meal for weight lose. How should i start? Should i take it to replace 3 meal for 7days? Kindly help to advise.

    1. Hi, if you want fast weight loss, you can choose diet exchange or you can choose meal replacement for 1-2 times each day. thanks

  17. Can you tell me how many calories are in this and what it tastes like? I am a very picky eater, and my children are too. Can you please try to explain the flavor?

    1. Hi,tastes like sesame with a little sweet, you can also add sugar or honey

      159 calories : 148 calories per packet.

      Any question feel free to ask us, thank you.

  18. Just to share my experience of consuming 159 with all. It is definitely healthy and good for you.

    For the purpose of detoxifying my body, I did a 7-day full-meal replacement programme (i.e. I only took 159 for breakfast, lunch and dinner with 200ml (usually more) of warm water before and after each meal) in March 2018. In that 7 days, I lost 8 pounds.

    About nearly four weeks later, I decided to go for the 14-day programme as I wasn’t sure if 7 days would fully detoxify my system. After the 14 days (i.e. 3 days ago), I lost nearly 11 lbs. I’m ecstatic to say the least with this side effect of weight loss. I plan to do a full blood check to see if my LDL (which was marginally high in the last test done a couple of years ago) has improved.

    Well, this is my experience. Several of my colleagues are into various types of programmes and all have lost weight, one has his high blood pressure readings now registering at normal levels.

    All the best to all of you who are on the 159 programme!

  19. Hi, I’m from Indonesia, how many boxes should I order for free delivery? Or do you have distributor here in Indonesia?

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